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What Inspires me in Life By Aaliyah G.

My life hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns and neither has my best friend or parents. My best friend inspires me and so does my mom. My moms life hasn’t been easy, she had to grow up before she was a grown up and the same goes for my best friend but they were/are able to get through it. No matter how hard their life is/were they would wake up in the morning everyday and make their day better than the last. That inspires me to do the same. They both push me to do my best in life. My mom would always tell me “The world will never stop so either you’re faster than the world or you’ll be left behind”. What they’ve went through showed me that I don’t have it as hard as they did/do. What I call them are go-getters, they never stop and they won’t stop because they didn’t/don’t have it easy but they still make a lot out of what they do have. They teach me that life is impossible, it’s just difficult but if you put your best foot forward and give it your all then you’ll be able to accomplish more than what you expect. You can only receive what you give.

Writing also inspires me. When I would have difficult times I would write. Writing is everything to me, it is me. How ever I would feel about a subject I would write about it. People would usually tell me to say how I feel but for me I would write how I feel. Growing up I never felt like I could tell people how I felt because I believed they wouldn’t see things from my perspective so instead of talking I would just write. Writing was my escape mechanism for what I was really thinking in my mind. Over the years writing became a big part of my life, it became me.

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