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The Kindness of Strangers Inspires me

Being a teenager growing up in a society where sexual assault and police abuse is something you see everyday on the news, it’s really hard to see where all the good people have gone. It seems like we’ve become more self-centered and out for ourselves. Usually church is a place of worship and peace but you can’t attend one service without being judged on what you wear and whether or not you donated. I remember being a little kid and always thinking the adult world was something that I couldn’t wait to be a part of but now that I’m one year away from being an adult I want nothing to do with it. With people fighting all over and natural disasters right and left it really seems like there is no hope and nothing to look forward to.

When you’re a little kid adults always ask who or what inspires you and tend to choose a superhero or cartoon character,just somebody they like to watch frequently, as you start to get older you start to take that question more seriously. As pre-teens or teenagers we tend to pick celebrities or sports stars or maybe a parent or family member. Most people have somebody or something that inspires them in life and before reading the prompt I never really had taken that question into mind. Before I went to the school I’m at know I used to go to this school that was horrible to say the least. There was terrible classism and a heirachery, my family isn’t the wealthiest we actually live below the poverty level so naturally I was on the bottom. Because I didn’t come from money so I was bullied for eight years until I moved to a better school. Despite how badly I was mistreated I tried my best to stay kind and humble and never let pettiness or wickedness get to the best of me. It was hard for me going to a new school and not knowing anybody or how the would act but to my surprise they were all kind like me! Now that I’ve been going there for three almost four it has really helped me see what inspires me.

Being part of the Class of 2019 at the Shirleen Zacharias Early College Leadership Academy it’s shown me that even if we have our differences with each other we are willing to put that aside to help someone out. It could be something as small and giving somebody a couple of bucks because they need something for lunch or renting out a study room and studying for a big test to help someone who doesn’t understand get the knowledge needed to pass. Personally I’ve gone up to someone I don’t quite get along with and asked them to tutor and help me study for my math final because that student happened to be the best person to ask when it comes to math, he said yes and we sat down for three hours the day before and the day of the final and helped me understand the curriculum. He didn’t have to help me,he had his own final to study for but he took time out of his day to help me, somebody who he quarreled with.

What really inspires me, is the kindness of people. Just normal everyday people doing something kind or nice just because. I’ve seen how terrible people can be at a young age so it brings me happiness when I see adults or people my age doing something out of their way. Even if it’s something really small like holding the door or as big as paying for the people behind you in the grocery store. Just the other day I saw on the news a firefighter in California watered a mans garden because he had to evacuate. This firefighter is out risking his life to put out a fire and he stopped to water some plants for somebody he doesn’t even know so when he goes back to his house he’ll still plants to eat from how nice is that?

Growing up I was always taught to give back and be kind and caring and the morals I grew up with have helped me pick what kind of career I want. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do first I wanted to be pediatrician because I love kids and helping them get better once they’re sick to get back to playing and enjoying life sounded like such a good idea until I realized it took about ten years of schooling.Next I thought I would like to stay around the idea of helping children so I decided I was going to be a teacher because I feel it is so important to give children knowledge. You can have no money in your name but you have an education and nobody can take that away from you. Shaping the next generation and getting them ready for the real world once again sounded like a great idea. My next idea is what I plan on studying for in college and I want to go into the field of sports medicine and become an athletic trainer,I love playing sports and watching games and whenever I used to play I would always get upset once I got injured and had to sit out, so if I can help those of who got hurt playing get back to practice or the game would make me very happy. A while back I went to a job fair and had signed up to be recruited to be a firefighter or EMS responder. After looking over all the ideas of jobs I want and wanted to do made me realize that helping people is truly what I want to do.

It is truly the kindness of strangers that inspires me to be the person I am and the person I want to be. Teachers devote their lives to teaching, and for what? To help educate years and years of students so they can become the best they can be. Doctors spend a good amount of time in medical school and for what? To help their patients and keep them healthy. Firefighters and EMS risk their lives to help save someone else’s. If more people in the world took a little bit of time out of their day to do something nice it would help to inspire somebody else then someone else and it would start a whole chain reaction of kindness spread around, it would make us all a little happier. My only hope is that whatever I plan to do is that it makes me happy and helps make a difference even if it’s something small and help everybody I can.

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