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Staff Attorney Cover Letter Sample

Staff Attorney Cover Letter Sample

This is a sample cover letter for a staff attorney position. You can use this sample cover letter to write or compare yours

2821 Masonic Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72201

United States of America

30th December, 2019


Human Resources Manager Heartland Alliance

208 S. LaSalle Street,

Suite 1300, Chicago,

IL 60604

United States of America


To Whom it May Concern,


My name is Kevin Gatlin, and I am a senior at Perry Meridian High School. I am applying for the position of Staff Attorney for Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC). According to your website, the position of Staff Attorney “provides legal representation and counseling to immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, and detained and non-detained unaccompanied immigrant children before U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Chicago Immigration Court.”


I would be an excellent choice to fill this position for three key reasons.


Firstly, I have prior experience in the legal system. For over a year, I have participated in Reach for Youth’s Teen Court program in Franklin, Indiana. Teen Court is an alternative to the juvenile justice system where teens who have committed misdemeanors are given constructive consequences from a jury of their peers.


As a jury, I make sure that people receive consequences that are appropriate for the crime they commit. I carefully consider all the mitigating factors and extenuating circumstances that could lessen the punishment.

Through a special opportunity, I received training to become a defense attorney for these cases. As a defense attorney, I review the facts of the case, meet with the defendant and their family prior to the case, conduct my questioning of the defendant, deliver that questioning in court, and make a closing statement before the jury that includes a recommendation of consequences.

I take this position very seriously because I know I can make an impact on people’s lives and get them back on the right track. This commitment will translate to the Staff Attorney job, because I am very passionate about protecting immigrants’ rights. They are often disadvantaged and suffering from unthinkable circumstances. I want to make it my duty to ensure they are represented by an excellent attorney.


Secondly, I am fluent in Spanish. I have studied Spanish throughout high school, and I practice it regularly with my girlfriend and her family. This is crucial for this job position because immigrants and asylum seekers often only speak Spanish or have only limited English skills. I would be able to communicate with the clients and explain the legal proceedings to them in Spanish.


Finally, I am a diligent and analytical worker who prides myself on the quality of my work. This is perhaps my greatest asset because a job such as the one I am applying for requires passionate, hardworking individuals to perform at their highest level in order to protect the rights of immigrants.


I am ranked first in my class of 567 students, and I have never received a grade less than an “A” since 6th grade. I take my classes seriously and study very diligently. I am a National Merit Semifinalist, which means I scored in the top one percent of all PSAT/NMSQT® takers.


I was also nominated by my school for the Indiana Academic All-Stars Competition for 2020, which means my school has selected me as the single highest achieving senior in my school. I scored a 35 on the ACT® test, which is one point away from a perfect score. The staff position in question requires a high level of analytical thinking, which I clearly capable of.


My dedication extends beyond academics. I contribute to my school’s lacrosse team, show choir, theater program, morning announcements, and creative writing club. I perform service in my community with the local food pantry and my church. I am a motivated and self-driven person. Please look over my resume and contact me if you have any questions.


I am eager to hear back from you regarding an interview.



Kevin Gatlin

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