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My Inspiration My Parents

What inspires me in daily life, is honestly my parents. My mother and father moved to this country when my mother was 21 and my father was 28. They arrived in this country with no more than they could carry; at the time my mother was pregnant with my sister and knew very limited English. Once they got here, my parents moved in with my Uncle and his wife and their two daughters along with another one of my Uncles. They all lived in a two bedroom house. My father went straight work with my Uncle in the orthodontist business while my mother had my sister and I. My mother was a stay at home mom, so throughout my early childhood years most of my memories are of her since my father left to work before my sister woke up and came back once my sister and I were asleep. They lived this way until soon my father raised enough money for a one bedroom apartment for our family. My parents gave me and my sister the only room while they resided in the living room. My mother ended up going back to school here so she could learn better English and learned to drive. Soon enough my father saved enough money so we could rent a house where we all fit. We lived there for five years before they kicked us out, and we rented another house that was bigger than the one before and even had a garage. My parents had to sacrifice more than I think I could. My mother was an only daughter whose life revolved around her family, she had a decent job with career ambitions yet she gave all that up for me and my sister because she knew that life in the United States could not compare to the life she could have given us before. My father gave up ever seeing his parents again. They died a couple years ago and my father was not able to attend either of their funerals. They gave up their friends, their culture, their language. Everything that made them themselves had to be rearranged to fit into this new society that they were now a part of. When I think of my parents and all they had to struggle with just so that my sister and I could have even one more foot ahead, how can I not be inspired? They gave up so much of themselves without even knowing how me and my sister are, if we were going to be naturally smart or if we were going to have trouble academically. They believed in me before I was even born. With those type of people behind me I’m inspired to push myself. These AP’s I’m taking seem hard? My father is working right now so that I could be here with all the supplies I need. I don’t feel like going to school today? My mom had to take on another job just so we could make ends meet.

The determination and ambitions of my parents are what inspires me the most. Everything I’ve done, do and will do, will be all because of them.

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