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Inspired By the Study of Forensic Sciences

I am inspired by the topic of Forensic Sciences and everything that it entails.  In Middle School while my friends were watching Hannah Montana I started watching shows like “Criminal Minds” and “CSI” and that is what sparked my love with forensic Sciences. I could study every aspect of forensic Sciences all day long and not get bored with it, and I often do sit for hours researching the internet and watching different YOUTube videos showcasing studies in Forensics and the people who have made a career in this area.  Throughout my high school career I have been granted the opportunity to take two courses thru the School of Math and Science in Durham, NC, I was able to apply my passion into education with the courses of Honors Forensic Science and Honors Forensic Anthropology, which helped me narrow down my specific interest and I learned that I am most interested in the field of Forensic Anthropology, more specifically Forensic Osteology which studies the skeletal bones. My NCSSM teacher, Mrs. Chambers, inspired me, challenged me, intrigued me, and even further helped to me to grow my love for this field. She shared her education journey and how she went about earning her degree, she shared different interesting experiences such as visiting the body farm at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee, and she told  us about different cases she has helped on with police investigations. I am taking my Forensics science education one step further this year by pursuing the year long course/academy in law and justice at my high school. The teacher that heads up the course is a former Sheriff and has taken on the challenge of helping me continue my love for Criminology and Forensics and hopefully I will be headed on the right path to pursue Criminal Justice and Forensic Science in College.

These classes have helped me deeper understand the topics of criminal justice, and of different aspects of forensics. It also helped strengthen my love for the study of these topics.

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