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Cover Letter for Research Position

Cover Letter for Research Position

This is a sample cover letter for research position. You can use this sample cover letter to write or compare yours

Dear Frank E. Mercado,

I am writing regarding the scientific research summer internship position that was posted by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Office of Research. In the article, you expressed interest in finding an intern to help with a research project on obesity in America.

Based on your requirements, the following are strengths that I believe would make me an ideal candidate; my interest in medicine, my eagerness to learn, as well as my early interactions with the medical field.

I am a senior at Gallatin Senior High School. After graduating, I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and then continue to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, for my MD.

Some experiences that make me an ideal candidate for the position is my membership with HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America). Working with this organization, I have learned and had the opportunity to execute hands-on medical practices: I have started IVs and catheters, given rape kits, taken blood pressures, EKG’s, and administered urine analysis. Being a part of this organization has given me  hands-on skills and experiences that not many have an opportunity to learn until after high school. I understand that there is still plenty to be learned, but I am confident that my past experiences have helped prepare my mindset for learning medical techniques that will aid me in the tasks that are placed before me.

In my quest for information about the medical field I’ve gone to summer camps and seminars to expand my knowledge and have obtained membership to programs such as the National Youth Leadership Forum of Medicine, where I spent 9 days on Emory University’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia. In this program, I spoke to a wide variety of health care professionals: surgeons, nurses, and resident students alike. In addition, I have also gone to a medical conference through my acceptance into the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. In both programs, I watched several surgical procedures and had a chance to be in a classroom setting to get a glimpse of what medical school would be like. One project that stands out among the rest was a simulation where we as a team had to figure out how to carry an injured person back down the mountain with our only supplies being a blanket. It took a lot of trial and error to make sure the person was immobilized. This task was a true  test of our critical thinking skills, collaboration, and team work abilities to execute the plan.

In addition to the skills currently listed I have many other attributes. Please review my attached resume. One skill I am currently working to add to my resume is obtaining my EKG technician certification through my high school and the National Health Career Association. After graduation and completing the program, I will be able to work as an EKG technician.

I am eager to expand my knowledge in the field of research. My dedication, commitment, and willingness to learn will be unmatched by any other candidate you will hear from. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the most prestigious academic medical center in the world, and I would be honored to work alongside some of the best minds of medical research known today. I know that  I will be an asset to your program if given the chance. This internship would provide me with an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of research science. I look forward to corresponding with you at a future date. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Jane L. Downing

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